Cyanide Serenity - Biography



Formed from the ashes of three Midland bands (Amenti [UK], Burnt, Fleshhold), hailing from the UK, Cyanide Serenity have already made a huge impact on the metal scene around the world. Originally formed in February 2008, Cyanide Serenity consisted of John Dugmore (Burnt), Gareth Braddock (Burnt), Jon Knight (Amenti [UK]), and Ryan Wyatt (Fleshold). Newly acquired singer Travis Neal from Century Media's own Divine Heresy joined at the start of 2011, completing the line-up of Cyanide Serenity.

Cyanide Serenity released their debut EP, Consume Me, in February 2011. With work starting on the album one year ago, it was recorded at Burnt Studios in the UK and self-produced by the band.

One of Cyanide Serenity's first shows was supporting Iron Maiden in Bangalore, India, supporting them in front of 30,000 people. Their reputation continued to grow worldwide after this performance, gaining them more of a fan base and also demanding the attention of many labels. The end of 2010 saw the band headline their own India tour across the country at huge demand, while 2011 is booked full of various tours supporting a slew of big-name bands.

Cyanide Serenity is currently represented by world-class booking agency Soundworks Touring, (Deicide, Decrepit Birth, Origin, Hate Eternal, etc.) within Europe and First Row Talent within the United States. With strong booking agents behind them, the final piece was Cyanide Serenity joining the ranks of Extreme Management Group alongside such metal elites as Suffocation, Aborted, Fleshgod Apocalypse, etc.

Cyanide Serenity are most recently touring Europe alongside Decapitated, Aborted and Fleshgod Apocalypse towards the end of 2011.