Scrambled Defuncts - Biography

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SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS was formed in July 1997 by Dmitry and Denis (ex-IMPURITY). Since SUFFOCATION appeared as their main leading star, the music they composed appeared as gore death metal - and it still is the same. Butch (drums) joined them shortly after; he is responsible for the lyrical concept, as well as management. FOETAL CARNAGE was the first name we chose, however it was changed to SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS in September. Alexander (the singer, ex-NASTROMA) was invited few months later and "Disintering Of Butchered Remains", the demo we made our debut with, was recorded in December, featuring two studio and five live tracks. "Catacomb Abattoir", our debut album, was executed in March 1998 at GOLIMOPHONE STUDIO. Yuriy (bass) joined the band the same month. This is our story in short.