Kaliban - Biography

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Kaliban was a Finnish metal band with ambition. However, we were ripped off by record companies. After a few demos, we recorded our debut album on our own in 1998 and then set out to find an established publisher. Unfortunately we ended up in a vague oral contract with Mastervox, which let us down. We had to wait three years until Low Frequency finally published it in 2002. This procrastination halted the progress of the band, because with no album we got few gigs. Everything seemed to be on hold. Republished by Crash and again by Low Frequency, The Tempest of Thoughts has sold very well, but we have never received a penny from these labels. In addition they mixed up the track titles and tags - Low Frequency got most of them and Crash Music all of them wrong. Hence it is just as well that you can download some of these pieces freely. Now Kaliban is dead and buried, playing death metal to the angels of the afterlife.

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