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Degrade - Biography

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The beginning: After Holocaust, a Lidköping based band disbanded around 2000 Victor started talking with the remains of Holocaust starting a new band focusing on more brutal deathmetal. Late 2001 Victor, Berto and Kristian started jamming together and in the of 2002 söder joined adding another guitar. Some songs were written and in the autumn 2002 Manne joined and the setting was complete.

2003: In the winter/spring of 2003 some local gigs were made and at summer the demo "Feasting On Bloody Chunks" were recorded.

2004: Some more gigs were made and in the summer the mCD "Hanged and Disemboweled" were recorded. Should have been out allready 2004 but after some trouble with the current label we changed to Permeated Records in Dec 2004.

2005: "Hanged And Disemboweled" mCD out 24 February released by Permeated Records. Things start to look better on the gig front and a some gigs at Festivals are booked. New songs are composed for upcoming full-length.

2006: New CD "Lost Torso Found" will be recorded during the summer and will be finished in the middle of September. Expect the CD to be released this Autumn. Sick artword done by Joel Sta(Pyaemia(RIP)) and a limited version will include poster. Expect an even more brutal approach than before and with better production than previous recordings. Booked to NRW Deathfest 2006 which is the sickest fest in Europe for brutal deathmetal.

2007: Continued to play gigs through out the year and at well known fests as Neurotic Deathfest, Mountains of Death, Ludwigshafen deathfest and Gothenburg Deathfest.

2008: Played Portside Metalfest, Houten Deathfest and Deathfeast in Germany. Band playing live is put on halt because of different reasons. Degrade becomes a 4-piece. Starts building the songs for the next release.

2009: April: Four new songs has been written, two of them will be recorded as a promo or demo. This project is named "Ground and Pound" and will be in the same style as "Lost Torso Found". If it will be released only online or also as a physical release will be decided shortly. Our own goreboy Victor will do artwork corresponding to the music and lyrics.

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