Hedon Cries - Biography

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Hedon Cries was born in 2001 in Argos, Greece. Inspired by bands like Dark Tranquility and My Dying Bride they created their personal atmospheric style combining Swedish death metal sounds with doom metal melodies and lyrics drawn from personal experiences. After several line up changes and a couple of live shows the band entered Praxis Studios (Septic Flesh, Horrified, Rotting Christ, etc) to record their first album. The album was released by Sleaszy Rider Records in the spring of 2003. The response for "Hate Into Grief" was more than satisfying, and this led to several live performances around Greece. In the end of 2004, the band entered Praxis Studios once again to record their sophomore album. It is titled "Affliction's Fiction" and contains 12 songs with a duration near 70 minutes. What's most important for Hedon Cries is to manage to emit their feelings through their music. They intend to nothing else. This is the main reason they exist.

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