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A straightforward version (without the blood leak effect) appeared in the 1999 "Senseless Sadistic Souls" demo. Since their third demo, this has become their official logo.


Fastkill started out in 1996 as a Thrash metal act from Tokyo, Japan! They produced several demos ("Conflict In Hate", "Senseless Sadistic Souls" and "Total Thrashing Massacre") before releasing their first full-length "Infernal Thrashing Holocaust" in 2004. A well received album by (thrash) metal fans and critics. They toured with the likes of Abigail, King's-Evil, Grim Force, Battletorn, Barbatos, Anatomia and Gigaton. In 2007 they released "Nuclear Thrashing Attack", and in 2008 a split with Crucified Mortals entitled "Ghastly Affliction".