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Shadowgarden - Biography





The idea and name of Shadowgarden saw its infancy already in the mid 90's, as a possible side-project to then, the quite new-fangled Draconian. Original Draconian members Johan Ericson and Andy Hindenäs took an idealistic journey in honor of the Swedish and Finnish gothic metal scene with highly inspirational outfits such as Cemetary, Sentenced and a good dose of heavy riffing. An extensive revival and a second step was taking place in the preface of the new millennium. Songs such as "Sorrows' Kitchen", "Murky Waters" and "With Love and a Bullet" begun to take shape, but it would take years before the public would hear the final outcome.

Demo versions were recorded over time, and then put on the shelf only to be brought up again, dusted off and finally come to life for real. In 2009 Shadowgarden finally began the recording of the debut album "Ashen" and was later signed to Napalm Records. Swedish renowned drummer and sound-engineer Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye, Xsavior, Tears of Anger) was hired for percussion. Björn Johansson (who is a live session member of Draconian) was hired for the bass, and Draconian's own Lisa Johansson for a special guest-appearance on Napalm Records' own favorite track; "For Love and a Bullet". Johan Ericson handled most of the production by himself, but the band took on famous producer Jens Bogren of Fascination Street studios (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth) for mixing and mastering.

The result of this longed-for release is a black diamond, worthy to its place in the shelf with Cemetary's "Last Confessions" and Sentenced's "Frozen". "Ashen" is packed with aching emotion and powerful refrains. It is an album with each song a potential classic and it will not disappoint the average gothic rock/metal fan. It is also a captivating heavy rockalbum; a consequence of a magnificent teamwork amid two friends and musicians.

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