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The Rotted's old logo back when the were called "Gorerotted"


Formed in 1997 in the dingy London back streets, Gorerotted have risen up and established themselves as one of the UK's leading extreme metal acts.

Gorerotted's music and their "rock and roll" attitude owes as much to 80s punk and hardcore as it does to 90s death and grind. Gorerotted look good, sound different and live for the music they create. They are an extreme metal band like no other. Lyrics that cover controversial topics such as drink and drug abuse, murder, mayhem, death and destruction mix violently with music that creates an atmosphere of insanity and chaos. It just makes you want to destroy all around!

From the first album 'Mutilated in Minutes' in 2001, through to 2004's 'Only Tools and Corpses' and the most recent 'A New Dawn for the Dead' in 2005, Gorerotted have constantly evolved and set new standards for the genre.

Gorerotted have released material via Relapse Records, Deepsend Records, IBD records, their own label Dead Again Records and since 2004 they have found their place at legendary label Metal Blade Records. Metal Blade is known for releasing groundbreaking music and is home to some of the most influential bands in the scene, both past and present.

Since signing with Metal Blade Records, Gorerotted have toured Europe extensively and played hundreds of shows, from sweaty clubs to huge festivals. They have played as headline and support on some great tours and played many festivals such as Waldrock (Holland), Summer Breeze (Germany), Party San (Germany), Brutal Assault (Czech), Damnation Festival (UK), Kaltenbach (Austria) and Mountains of Death (Switzerland). Gorerotted have shared the stage with many different acts including Cannibal Corpse, Soulfly, Within Temptation, Obituary, Celtic Frost, Madball, Suffocation, Marduk, Testament, Entombed, Job for a Cowboy, Black Dahlia Murder, Cryptopsy, Pungent Stench, Decapitated, Aborted and Dropkick Murphys to name but a few. May 2007 saw Gorerotted hitting US soil for their first North American show, taking place at the Maryland Deathfest where Gorerotted hooked up with Brutal Truth and others.

Gorerotted are currently in the rehearsal studio working on the 4th album, 'Get Dead or Die Trying'. They will enter Parlour Sounds Studios in early 2008 with Producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, The Wildhearts, Dimmu Borgir) to start production. Release is scheduled for spring 2008.

The line-up reads like the roll-call at an AA meeting, founder member Tim 'Rotted on guitar, vocalist Ben 'Rotted, Phil "The Pleasure-Man" Wilson on bass, drummer "Junky" Jon Rushforth and the recent recruit Gian Pyres (ex Cradle Of Filth, Solstice, ENT) on lead guitar. Things are looking dark and dirty for the future.

Booking is already underway for 2008 with full European and North American tours being planned and festivals being lined up. Lock up your wives, daughters and drink cabinets, Gorerotted are coming to town!
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