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Blodwen - Biography

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Considered as 'one of the hidden jewels in Indonesia', BLODWEN comes from the exotic eastern country, Indonesia - waving the flag of Symphonic Power Metal.

BLODWEN started in 2004 as a high-school rock band formed by Bernice Nikki. The band evolved to a Japanese Rock cover band until in 2007, Alexander Lexy (ex-Le Sacralist) joined the band and introduced Nightwish to Bernice. This marked the beginning of change in the band's vision and music. BLODWEN was officially born in 2009 with a new concept and sound.

In 2010, BLODWEN released their debut album "Black Symphony" under Red Rivet Records (Japan). Distributed to international countries such as Russia, Germany, France, North America and Lithuania; "Black Symphony" succeeded in getting the media's attention and gotten itself favorable reviews around the globe.

Combining versatility in vocals, neo-classical shredding, killer bass, and double pedal - with a tinge of Bach, Paganini and Theater - BLODWEN assimilates the best of West and East cultures in their music.