Sunless Rise - Biography




Sunless Rise band plays technical melodic metal with clean and unclean vocals and keyboard parts volumized with symphonic orchestra sounds. The band plans to record a concept album based on the ordinary man's life-story. The hero lives in the modern world, filled with false values, imposed ideals and imaginary freedom; the world where people are too dependant on technological achievements, fashion and opinion of the majority. One day he loses everything and tries to escape from it all including his own self. Suddenly he finds himself in a strange place - the kingdom of cold and darkness. All alone he walks a long path of self-discovery, challenging self, cognizes own potential and gains abilities unknown to other people. Band: Alex Becker - guitar, vocals; Evgeniy Kasitsyn - bass, vocals; Alexander Cherepanov - vocals; Sergei Shulzhenko - keyboards, vocal; Alexey Malenkikh - drums.