Infinity Overture - Biography

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Infinity Overture was founded in Denmark 2005 by Niels Vejlyt. He set out to write compositions of great intensity, and romantic in nature. To make sure the music is easy to venture into, Niels did a huge job, making the verses and choruses really memorable. But he did not want to loose the feinschmeckers of metal, and shred guitar lovers, so he also included subtle breaks, harmonies and insane guitar solos.

This blend of melodic metal and the symphonic orchestra, made Ian Parry (voc) inspired to sing on the album. Ian is famous for his work with such great bands as Elegy and Consortium Project. Mads Volf (drums - from Manticora) and Olaf Reitmeier(bass) joined the band, as soon as they heard the quality of the material. But Infinity Overture still needed another element to be completed, which was a female lead singer, so the talented Anne Karine Prip(voc) was found. Now Infinity Overture is a full band, ready to record and play live.

Lastly, Niels wanted to make sure that the music would not suffer in the production. And he knew that the best guys, whom could make this possible, would be Sascha Paeth and Miro. So Sascha Paeth and Miro are now the ones responsible for the fantastic production.

Niels started out by being obsessed by the electric guitar at an early age. "I dedicated my whole day practicing, and composing my entire Enfant, and I had a vision of me composing fantastic songs, and being the best guitar player in the world, so I would get a mix of great song writing, with incredible guitar playing added". In the past Niels did two guitar instructional DVD's for Chops From Hell, and one for Shred Academy. Right now Niels make is teaching large amounts of guitar students every week in Denmark, and through his DVD's, also the rest of the world, by this, gained great popularity, in the Shred guitar community. This shows in the large amount of friends and fans on and