Blackstar Halo - Biography



Blackstar Halo (formerly known as Downfall) is a melodic metal band from Tampere, Finland. It's always been clear to the band that instead of focusing on showing off with their musical talent, Blackstar Halo is all about creating songs with movie-like atmospheres, tight rhythm sections and indelible choruses. Interestingly, but not denying their Finnish influences, Blackstar Halo aims to sound as Swedish as possible with a hint of American megalomania. As Ville Hovi (lead singer) describes BSH's music: "Our music is extremely well polished and well produced entertainment. That is probably our greatest strength along with the strong melodies."

BSH was originally formed by Kalle Tulonen and Timo Eskelinen back in 1998. The band as it was at the time was called Downfall and consisted of Kalle, Timo, Jani Peippo and Hannu Kumpula. After some years of playing and partying, as Kalle and Timo finished school, a promo EP was recorded. Soon after (2000) as Dimitry Martynoff joined, the band got a record deal and released the EP "Dark Parade" and started recording their first full length album My Last Prayer. The album was released from 2002-2004 through various licensing deals in Finland, Germany, Russia, Baltic countries, Canada, USA and Japan.

After various line up changes and after resigning the record deal with Low Frequency Records the band recorded their second promo EP Downfall with Dino Kullberg on the drums and Ville Hovi on vocals. With a fresh line up the band set sails and headed out on tour reaching Russia and Finland. The EP was well received, but did not lead to a new record deal.

During the summer of 2007 the band started to record their second full-length album, funding it from their own pockets. Recordings were finished late 2008. 2008 December - 2009 February mixing and production was done in Sweden by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Soilwork, Paradise Lost, God Forbid, etc.).

On the summer of 2009 the band signed a record deal with Artist Anonymous and changed its name from Downfall to Blackstar Halo, after realizing how many bands there were appearing in the scene with the same name. The new album Illuminated was first released in Finland during February 2010, then the rest of the world followed soon.

(Source: Official website)