Solid Vision - Biography

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The idea for the creation of SOLID VISION came in winter 2000 when the trio of Brian MAILLARD, (guitars), Riccardo ATZENI (bass) and Yan MAILLARD (drums), being former musicians of the group Magic Power (M.A.P.O.), effectively formed SOLID SESSION III aiming for a progressive metal repertory. With the addition of Samuele PINTUS (vocals) the name changed to THE SOLID SESSION IV and the band went on a tour in 2002-2003. The coming of Americo RIGOLDI (keyboards) finalised the line-up and the name SOLID VISION. Under this name the band releases their debut, "Eleven", in 2004, followed by a tour of Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland but also opening for HELLOWEEN and CHILDREN OF BODOM in Italy.

In 2006, they released "The Hurricane" and on the upcoming tour they meet Charlie DOMINICI who was a special guest at one of their shows. This meeting led to the band members working as DOMINICI's band for the second part of his project "O3 A Trilogy part 2". June 2007 finds them as special guests to DREAM THEATER's European shows together with bands like MEGADETH and RIVERSIDE. After recording the last chapter of DOMINICI's trilogy "03 A Trilogy part 3" in 2008, they started composing new material for a new release. In May 2010, Lucio MANCA replaced ATZENI on bass and during the same year the band released their third album, "Sacrifice".

Due to their nature, SOLID VISION's resemblance with bands like DREAM THEATER and DOMINICI is unavoidable but they also include melodic elements from the Italian scene and technical elements as in FATES WARNING. They should appeal to fans of traditional progressive metal.