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Jack Slater - Biography

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The German death metal band Jack Slater release their 4th album Extinction Aftermath on 02/26/2010 via unundeux, the label owned by German grind legends Japanische Kampfhörspiele. Distribution will be taken care of by Cargo Records, renowned for their excellent work throughout the years.

Jack Slater celebrate 2010 their 15th year of existence. They transformed over the time of one demo, one MCD, four studio albums and hundreds of gigs to a grown up band, who managed to develop their own unique style of intelligent, technical death metal. Paired with the characteristic German lyrics, Jack Slater manage to impress with great musicality, creativity and interesting song structures to stand above the simple "faster, harder, louder" mentality of a lot of bands today.

The new album Extinction Aftermath was recorded in June 2009 in the well-known Hertz Studio (Bialystok, Poland) by the brothers Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski, who earned an excellent reputation in the extreme metal scene with their work for bands like Vader, Behemoth or Decapitated.

Jack Slater show themselves off so fresh and vital like never before on their 4th studio album. Carried by the excellent sound, the ten songs unfold their whole potential and drag the listener into the various facets of the music, sometimes fast and brutal, sometimes slow and grim, sometimes just loud and filled with anger. Extinction Aftermath is a diverse album and every track enhances different aspects of Jack Slaters musical universe, but as a whole the songs form a strong and intense unit of finest death metal, a great display of musical power.

Jack Slater demonstrated over the years at hundreds of club gigs, many festival appearances and last but not least on the two successful Fleischmarsch tours with Japanische Kampfhörspiele and Excrementory Grindfuckers, that they rightfully belong among the best german live bands. With Extinction Aftermath the band managed to capture that energy onto tape perfectly and can now release it in form of their 4th album for the world to listen.

Let the extinction begin!