Deathincarnation - Biography

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The band was formed in August 2006 by two brothers, Stanislav (drums) and Constantine (guitar / vocals) Ratnikova in Cherkassy, Ukraine. The style was originally defined as death \ black. By spring 2007 the first recordings - Raw Demo. In this demo includes 4 ready for that moment songs - Hammer A Nail, Deny Myself, Betrayed By Own God, Revelation (later - His Face). The main purpose of this demo was - to familiarize the public with the material. Most of the demo received positive feedback that has contributed to the movement further.

In March 2007 the lineup was finally completed. The group appeared bassist Sergei "Truporub" Bilenko. Just as surprisingly, the group appeared keyboardist, as originally conceived by with minimal staff - 3 people - guitar / vocals, bass and drums. The idea to add the key belongs to Sergei. We have tried to add a button to record, and the result is all definitely liked it. Controlled with the keys took Inna Shevchenko (ex-Mournful Burial). At the same time, the group has finally acquired the name and logo.

Partly due to the experience of musicians, previously played in other groups Cherkassky, managed to quickly prepare the program and in May to address the first time. This was followed a few speeches, as in Cherkassy and other Ukrainian cities (Kyiv, Donetsk).

In summer 2007, left the band keyboardist in connection with moving to another city. In its place comes Victoria Demchenko.

In the autumn of 2007 was recorded demo Deny Myself, which includes 5 items - Deny, Trembling On My Knife, Betrayed By Own God, Hammer A Nail, Revelation. The demo received positive reviews among the listeners and the press. So, all this time, the group actively participates in various concerts and gigs in Cherkassy and other Ukrainian cities.

Winter 2008 recorded another demo - Hammer A Nail. At this time the drums were recorded live at Studio Paradox Records in Cherkassy. The demo included 4 tracks - Hammer A Nail, Trembling On My Knife, His Face, Jesus Is Cunt!. With this demo, it was agreed with the label Nocturnus Records (Vinnitsa) for the publication of full-length album. Recording the album was completed in the autumn of 2008, all materials sent to the label

While the album gathering dust on shelves Nocturnus'a, the group actively supports, is working on new material. Will record the next demo "Putrid Stench Of Servility". It includes 3 tracks by the group after recording their debut album - Illusion Of Forgiveness, Possessed By Hatred, Principles Of Flock.

In summer 2009 there are some changes in the group. Due to the fact that the drummer, one of the founding members, Stan, for personal reasons can not continue its activities as a group, to take his place behind the drum kit adopted Andrew "Slide" Nikulenko. With his team preparing a concert program, actively supports. In the summer of 2010 completed work on their second full-length album, "Roar From Within". The album will be released by More Hate Productions (