Melvins - Biography




The Melvins are in many ways a cult phenomenon, a completely unique band with a huge legacy and legions of loyal fans. Throughout the years they have inspired numerous bands from many genres. They played grunge before it ever became a fad, their trademark riffs were the blueprint for sludge metal and their adventurous, experimental side paved the way for numerous avantgardist rock bands including Earth, Neurosis, Faith No More, Boris, The Boredoms and countless others.

The band formed in early 1984 in Aberdeen/Montesano, WA and included Buzz Osborne (King Buzzo) on guitar and vocals, Mike Dillard on drums and Matt Lukin on bass. Dillard was soon replaced by Dale Crover as he was not able to cope with the band's increasingly complex music. Since that time Buzz and Dale were the two core members of the band. A number of different bassists played with The Melvins throughout the years, including Matt Lukin (also in Mudhony) and Lorey Black (Shirley Temple's daughter). In 1998 Kevin Rutmanis became the band's bassist and he holds this position to this day.

The band's discography is very extensive as they released a full length album almost every year of their existence. Although most releases were distributed through independent labels, the Melvins also enjoyed a short collaboration with Atlantic Records due to the popularity of Nirvana in the early 90s. Kurt Cobain was a personal friend of the band and made the signing of a contract with a major label possible. Unfortunately, Atlantic apparently had no idea how to deal with a band as left-field as the Melvins and the band was dropped after releasing only two records. In the late 90s the band was picked up by Ipecac and their albums are released through this label to this day.

Buzz Osborne is also a member of the band Fantomas together with Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo and Trevor Dunn, as well as the band Venomous Concept with Kevin Sharp, Dave Herrera and Shane Embury. Dale Crover played on a few Obsessed albums. Kevin Rutmanis plays bass with Tomahawk.
Over the years the Melvins have also collaborated with a number of other musicians, most notably Jello Biafra and Lustmord.

The Melvins are a unique identity in the music world and continue to be trend setters to this day.

<i>Note: Written by Jerry Szprot</i>