Criminal Element - Biography

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CRIMINAL ELEMENT was established in 2001 with the original lineup consisting of Vince Matthews (Dying Fetus) on Vocals and drums, Wayne Jones (Mucas Membrane) on guitar, Jake Tatarakis (Sadistic Torment) on vocals along with Chris Yuastella (Eternal Ruin) on vocals and Sparky Voyles (Misery Index) on bass guitar. The idea behind CRIMINAL ELEMENT is to break away and enjoy a more straight-ahead approach to metal and grind.

Although the band began as a part-time project, in the last year a more recent lineup was established when Vince joined forces with friends Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation) on guitar, Derek Boyer (Suffocation) on bass, Joe Cincotta (Catastrophic) on guitar, Rob Maresca (Catostrophic/Pyrexia) on drums, and Chris Yuastella on backing vocals.

In early 2006 a 4 song demo was recorded at Full Force studios and will be released by Relapse Records on 7" Vinyl. An 8 song EP is in production and will be released through EMETIC RECORDS in the late summer of 2006 titled "Career Criminal". The EP will include songs such as "Charges Pending", "Bitch Slapped" and "Fleeing and Alluding". In addition there are lyrical submissions from Jason Netherton (Dying Fetus/Misery Index) and Bruce Craig (Covenance). Expect more guest appearances by well known artists in the underground scene.