Infestdead - Biography

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Infestdead is a Swedish death metal band formed by Dan Swanö right before he left Edge of Sanity in 1996. While Swanö was the singer for Edge of Sanity, Infestdead enabled him to use his skills on various instruments including the guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. Andreas Axelsson, known as Drette on the recordings, was the lead singer. Infestdead incorporated a drum-machine which was programmed by Swanö.
The band recorded two albums and a mini-album between 1996 and 1999. These records were released by Invasion Records in Germany before its financial problems. Hammerheart Records subsequently re-released its records in 2000. Infestdead broke up in 1999, allowing Swanö to pursue other projects, including releasing a solo album.
Infestdead's music revolves around catchy sing-song hooks and grooves, melded with punishing riffs and blastbeats. And to top it all off, the Floyd Rose shredding leads. These same riffs, although somewhat simple for the most part, are delivered with a mechanical precision perfectly in time.