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Sons Of Liberty - Biography

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The Strength of the Logo

Our most dangerous adversary is art and it's communication through stealth and aesthetics. Beauty is trivial and has no place in our order, unless it works for our cause. Thus, we must rid our society of artists, musicians, painters, poets, and more importantly - their works, if they do not fit our scheme.

One of our strongest enemies comes from the very heart of this country. His name is Jon Schaffer, but more important is his project which so disrespectfully, but effectively through educational measures and observation undermines our agenda. In the most mocking fashion, he named the project "Sons of Liberty".

This is a very strong name for it's historical value and it's power to reinstate freedom as a God given right, which is obviously something we have to dismiss if we are to persevere. The word "Liberty" must never again convey images of happiness, but of unemployment and dysfunction. His emphasis of the word is strong in itself for it has a root in latin and is recognizable all over the world. Adding to it the typography, he makes it something noble, something desirable, and so Constitution-like, as if he knows that that same Constitution is something we intend to trample on and bury in oblivion.

I hereby order that the logo must be forbidden, and every individual showing sympathy for it in any way, must be treated as a threat to the collective and our society.

- the typography states nobility
- guaranteed readability and recognition
- the logo is applicable on every surface
- the target audience is not limited in any way

Meet the infinity shackles!

In our healthy society, we have no place for free-thinking individuals, or any other kind of destructive force to our system, Therefore, we are in need of a new control program which will ensure the functionality and the survival of our order.

We are also aware that these liberty seekers cannot be educated to respect and follow our ways, thus all attempts of redemption or preparation of inmates to return to civilization must be forbidden and dealt with sincerely.

We cannot allow such individuals to ever roam free, and that makes old-fashioned chains a useless and futile attempt at preserving order. From now on, in dealing with every individual who presents himself as a threat, we will use the new and improved infinity shackles!

The hands of the terrorist, or patriot as they like to call themselves, will be placed in the shackles in the "S" form. By closing and locking the shackles, the "S" form turns into the "infinity" sign, precisely declaring the time of imprisonment. In addition, spikes will run through the wrists of the inmate, making him a lesser threat forever, and ensuring no possibility of return to a normal life in our perfect collective order.

In fact, when closed, our new shackles will remind the inmate of a dollar sign "$", condemning him or her to think again before turning against our so patiently crafted banking system, that of course, ensures the greater good for the collective.

- more effective imprisonment
- dollar sign - representing the slavery through banks
- when locked, sign of infinity
- applicable for branding the individuals (third reich as inspiration)