Faanefjell - Biography




Brainchild (2009) of Norwegian folk and metal guitarist Kim "Grimtroll" Arly Karlsen and Danish black metal vocalist Benjamin "Syrtroll" Isar Jørgensen, Faanefjell is the musical embodiment of an era where the two countries were one kingdom. The lyrical universe of the band is set in late 19th century, where the human civilization had developed electrical lightning and dynamite to once and for all conquer the Scandinavian forests and mountains and drive the Trolls further into oblivion.

The music can be described as black folk metal, utilizing haunting screams, bowel-moving death metal vocals, classical themes in the vein of Grieg as well as a dash of umpa metal to keep the audience drunk.

The band's live performances has been described as a visual kick in the balls combined with the taste of ashes and blood in a cold granite cave.

In addition to aggressive black metal riffs, powerful headbanging sequences and startling symphonies, Faanefjell uses lyrics deeply inspired by Scandinavian folklore and fairy tales. But make no mistake - there is no princess in the tower or happily ever after in the realm of Faanefjell. Only shadows, trolls and songs long forgotten.

Trollmarsj (Troll March), the debut album of 2010 tells the story of two angry trolls setting out on a journey to gather the remaining trolls and spirits of nature into an organized army and drive humanity out of their ancient homeland. The album includes a booklet with a 16 page folk tale, based on numerous Danish and Norwegian folk tales - and the lyrics of Trollmarsj reflect this tale. All the lyrics are written in an artificial "Faansk" dialect, reflecting the binational nature of the band.

In response to countless requests for live performances in Norway, Faanefjell chose to recruit three additional trolls; Kjell "Draagyn" Can (lead guitars), Marcus "Beist" Billington (bass guitars) and David "Berserk" Olsen. With the ensemble complete, Faanefjell is ready to march southwards and let all of Europe know their war chants.