Squash Bowels - Biography



SQUASH BOWELS came into being in April 1994, with the line-up: Rogal - drums, Lechu - guitar, Arthutr - bass, voc , Marius - voc. In July '94, with this line-up, they recorded a demo tape "Furgott". The same material was supposed to be released as a split 7"EP with CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION on Extermination Rec. From July '94 to February '95 band played some gigs in Poland together with the bands like PTOMAINA, DEAD INFECTION, NOSTRADAMUS. In the end of November '95 SQUASH BOWELS recorded a second demo "Dead?". The same material was supposed to be released as "Something Nice" 7"EP on Obliteration Rec. from Japan.

After the recording Lechu (guit.) left the band and he was replaced by Zibi (guit.). Year 1996 was really good for SQUASH BOWELS. They played lots of gigs, especially in Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium. The band recorded "International Devastation" demo the same year. Demo was released as a split CD with MALIGNANT TUMOUR on Obscene Productions. After the release Marius left the band so they continued as a 3-piece: Zibi (guit., voc.), Arthur (bass, voc.), Rogal (dr., voc.).

In April 1997 Rogal left the band and was replaced by Olek (dr.). After that SQUASH BOWELS played a few little tours in Poland and Europe and recorded lots of songs which appeared on Split 7'EP with BIRDFLESH (Fudgeworthy Records), Split 7'EP with DISGORGE - mex. (Bizzare Leprous Prod.) and Split 7'EP with COCK AND BALL TORTURE (Bizarre Leprous Prod.). After that the same line up recorded long awaited first album "Tnyribal", on Obscene Productions.

Finnaly after recording of "Trynibal" Zibi left the band and was replaced by Maly (guit.). In this line-up band played at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2000 and European Tour with Genocide SS. After the tour Maly and Olek left the band and were replaced by two brothers Psychoradek (dr.) and Pierscien (git.,voc.) - both from NEUROPATHIA and INCARNATED. In this line up Squash Bowels recorded second CD "The Mass Rotting...The Mass Sickening". The CD was released on Obscene Production also, so band played at Obscene extreme Festival 2002 and "The Mass Rotting Tour 2002" together with ABORTION. In 2003 SQUASH BOWELS recorded last album "No Mercy" for Obscene Production and Pierscien decided to leave the band. He was replaced by Andy (guit.) - also guitarist of DAMNABLE.

In this line-up band played at "Grind Tour de Pologne IV" with CEREBRAL TURBULENCY and PARRICIDE and after that at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2004.
In Autumn 2004 they played "Grind Invasion Tour" in Slovakia and Czech Republic together with ABORTION and NEEDFUL THINGS.

In the beginning of 2005 band went to the rehearsal room and prepared new stuff. In March '05 SQUASH BOWELS recorded 14 new songs. After the recording band played complete European No Mercy Days Tour together with other polish band PARRICIDE.

New CD " Love songs" was released in Lifestage Production, new label of Arthur (bass player of SB) in November 2005.
In Autumn 2005 (November) they played "Baltic Assault Tour" in Poland, Estonia and Finland together with INFERIA.
Three songs from this stuff will be release also on Split 7"EP with MODORRA by Swedish label Goryfied Prod.
Here is actual line up: Andy (guit.), Arthur (bass, voc.), Psychoradek (dr.)