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Prepare yourself to be LOST IN VIOLENCE as Danish thrash metal band ESSENCE release their toxic DEBUT ALBUM out in the streets in a town near you!

ESSENCE emerged in 2005 and was formed by four passionate musicians now by the age of 21 years. Despite their young age the lads have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with, both on their new album and in live situations. The album is recorded live in 12 days without any use of Beat Detective, Elastic Audio, Sound Replacer, Re-Amping, bass picks, triggers and so on - blunt brutal force directly from the soul. With a new old school rock 'n' roll attitude ESSENCE twists thrash metal in a personal and unique way!

The new album consist of 10 very different tracks as the band wanted to create as diverse a record as possible, but still with thrash metal as the heart of the beast. By combining the skills of all four members in the song writing process, this album reflects ESSENCE as a team and not a single individual's project.

With many successful shows in Denmark the band has gathered much live experience and built up a live expertise rarely shown by a band at this stage and age. This strength has given the band plenty of opportunities to support some of Denmark's best metal bands, such as ARTILLERY, MNEMIC, MERCENARY and RAUNCHY. Besides, many of the Danish festival bookers have invited ESSENCE to their festivals, ensuring a positive, rock solid and energetic experience for their audiences. E.g. at AALBORG METAL FESTIVAL 2009 along side SATYRICON, DARK FUNERAL and THE HAUNTED.

Their debut album LOST IN VIOLENCE is filled with aggression, passion and shout-a-long-choruses, which applies to a broad spectre of music lovers all around the world. The record can be seen as a statement against the current trends in the Danish underground, whose main focus is on the -core genres. In addition, LOST IN VIOLENCE is a travel back in time, bringing back the focus on THE ALMIGHTY RIFF and simple, catchy song writing! The lyrics for the album deals with subjects such as, loved ones passing away, medicine, sacrificing for what you believe in and individuality.