Dotma - Biography





Through the eyes of a longtime friend of the band, Emmi Taipale:

Somewhere in a small city of Hyvinkää, Finland around year 2005, we heard a regular story: band's guitarist and keyboardist came up with an idea to form a band. This band was to be full of tales of dragons but it turned out to be a massive revolution of music in a fantasy metal genre. And I do not wonder why, the band had its potential from the very beginning. This group wasn't to be one of the boring mainstream bands, this was something more. A fantasy was brought to life.

Dotma doesn't dress the agony, pain and beauty only in lyrics but also in the music. The music is veiled with partly ghostly, yet beautiful and charismatic singing, where the sadness and hope unite. Orchestral elements and deep synths... get ready to dive deeper.

In 2007, Dotma stepped into the studio for the very first time. And that's where it all turned around, in my opinion. Dotma was something different, so much more. They had changed, they had grown, and written new amazing songs. That was the moment I knew it... This band was to earn their place in the music world. And they are most certainly doing it. So, the Dark Age was left behind and the dreams continued in a form of fantasy.

An even stronger promo, "Dances with the Shadows", was born in 2009 and that made even more people interested in the band. This all sounds so fairytale-ish, but of course it hasn't always been so easy. Through the line-up changes Dotma finally stands in a common ground and is indeed, as one of their songs is titled, "Reborn." Many adventures lie ahead, THEY ARE READY.

And so they started to record their first album in December 2009 at Rockstar Productions, Hyvinkää, Finland, with sound engineer Lari Takala. The album was mastered in May 2010 in Cutting Room Studios with Björn Engelmann in Sweden.

On this spectacular debut album, they had the chance to use various of guest musicians. On this album you can hear the gorgeous singing of Vladimir Lumi (ex-Thaurorod), Ines Lukkanen (Embassy Of Silence) and some awesome guitar solos by Lasse Nyman (Thaurorod) and Tero Kalliomäki (Embassy Of Silence, Saattue).

"Kingdom Of The Sky", the masterpiece on this album, has been dedicated to Harri Koskela's cousin who passed away. In this massive piece of work we can hear some more musicians in a form of choir; the singing of Dotma's own Johanna Lesonen, her brother Juho Lesonen, Harri Koskela himself, Emmi Taipale, Ines Lukkanen and Vladimir Lumi.

As I said before, they do have the potential. In December 2010 they signed a record deal with Scarlet Records. Debut album, "Sleep Paralyses", will be released in the beginning of 2011. And I'll tell you, this album is worth waiting for.

Welcome to the world of dreams.