Attacker - Biography



Formed in the Summer of 1983, ATTACKER are one of the first, if not THE first, Heavy Metal band to use the J.R.R. Tolkien's books as a source of inspiration. An awakening that would eventually become the now classic "Battle At Helm's Deep" album. Mind you, this is long before bands like Hammerfall and Blind Guardian came into existence! In recent times, the band has enjoyed one the best comebacks to ever occur in many years! The band has now come, quite literally, full circle and are back where they belong. Throughout their career, the band has amassed an incredible worldwide following, thanks to timeless Heavy Metal Classics such as the aforemetioned "Battle At Helms Deep", "The Second Coming" and their comback Classic "Soul Taker"!

In 2004, ATTACKER established themselves as one of the great live bands when they performed their now legendary showcase at the KEEP IT TRUE Festival in April of that year at Tauberfrankenhalle, Lauda-Königshofen, Germany along with their headlining debut at the HEAVY METAL MANIACS Festival in Octoberof the same year at Manifesto Hall in Hoorn Holland. In recent years, members of the International Press and Metal fans World-Wide have lauded their efforts both on album and, especially, the live stage! Upon their return from Holland, the band has kept, for the most part, a low profile in as far as their live shows are concerned with the exception of their still talked about performances in Germany in July of 2005. A trek that was highlighted by a special performance of the entire "Battle" album which took place at the world-renowned Head-Bangers Ballroom in Hamburg. Aside from conquering Europe, once again, the band kept an intense studio schedule while creating the soon to be released new album "THE UNKNOWN"! During the making of their new album, Lou Ciarlo returned to the band in a full-time capacity. For the benefit of those of you that don't know, Ciarlo, was the member responsible for penning the bands Power Metal classic "The Second Coming" as well as co-writing most of the highly successful come-back "Soul Taker" album.

2006 is projected to be the most monumental year in the bands history! With bassist Lou Ciarlo back in the fold, in support of their new album, the band will embark on their most ambitious road schedule to date with appearances on both sides of the Atlantic! The bands legend continues to grow and they are now set to bring their brand of Metal Mayhem to the masses and make history ........ once again! Heavy Metal fans around the globe have witnessed greatness! Have you???

"THE UNKNOWN" will be released, world-wide on Tuesday April 11, 2006 courtesy of SENTINEL STEEL RECORDS!