Saille - Biography




Sail or Saille is the Irish name of the fourth letter of the Ogham alphabet, meaning "willow".
Pronunciation : [sahl-yeh]

Saille was founded by keyboardplayer Dries Gaerdelen in May 2008. Wanting to create the music he was fond of (melodic black metal with a threatening feeling, in the style of Tartaros, Limbonic Art and Keep of Kalessin), Dries started writing several songs, some containing echoes of Dries' former band Mortifer.
It was thus a logical choice to cooperate with former Mortifer vocalist/guitarplayer Jonathan Vanderwal. After contacting drummer Gert Monden of In-Quest and text-writer Filip Dupont of Gorath, the development of songs could proceed.

With the help from ReinieR of Fleshmould/Shumcot studio and several other musicians the recordings for the first album "Irreversible Decay" started at the end of 2009. Due to the complexity of the music and layered structure of the guitars and keyboards, the recording and mixing of the album took several months. "Irreversible Decay" was finalized in September 2010.

After being contacted by several labels, Saille chose to work with Code666 records and the first album "Irreversible Decay" was released March 4th 2011.

At first, Saille was only intended as a studio project. However, it soon became clear the music should be brought to life. With the addition of bass player Didier Vancampo, a live-band was formed and several shows followed. Thanks to the good reviews and a solid live-reputation, Saille played amongst acts as Melechesh, Ancient Rites, Izegrim, Gorath and more. The live-shows of the first album were concluded with a spot on Belgium's biggest metalfest: Graspop Metal Meeting 2012.

In July 2012 the band hit the Shumcot Studio again to record their second album entitled "Ritu". With lyrics inspired by death rites in ancient cultures, combined with vocalist Dennie Grondelaer's interest for H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu, the next album has a much darker setting. Again several guest musicians were invited to create the irreplaceable real sounds: flugelhörn, cello, violin, théremin, tuba, trombone and many more.

After recording all summer, the final mix was sent mid-September to the Norwegian mastering specialist Tom Kvålsvoll (Strype Audio), known for mastering black metal classics like Mayhem, Emperor, Arcturus, Limbonic Art, Ulver, Vreid and many others.

On January 18th 2013 "Ritu" will see the light of day.

To promote the album release, Saille embarks on their first European tour with Transilvanian black metal legends Negura Bunget