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Hayagriva - Biography


This the 2011 Hayagriva Latest Brand New Logo.

This is the previous Hayagriva band logo, which already been change to the new logo this year 2011


Hayagriva was formed by guitarist Mantheravathee and drummer Nhajasakthee in their hometown of Ipoh, Malaysia, in 1993. Aavimarga and Venkhateswehra joined on vocals and keyboards respectively in 1994. The debut demo, Thy Lord Of Never-Ending Wrath, released on May 1, 1995, pushed the group into Malaysia's underground scene and received positive feedback both locally and abroad.

1997 saw the release of their EP, Silverian's Art (Elegy Domain). A split with Singaporean black metal veterans As-Sahar followed in 1998, called Beyond Firmament. The series of releases brought the band further notoriety and made them a staple in Southeast Asia's underground scene. While touring, the band recorded a number of live songs that would be contributed to compilations like 1998's Hell Fire In Battle Storm, and 1999's Ipoh Metal Militant (Supremacist).

However, 2002 was the beginning of a dark time for Southeast Asia's metal scene. Malaysian media portrayed black metal negatively for its "distorted guitars and occult imagery", leading to misinterpretations by local authorities. Restrictions were placed on releases and shows, and the entire scene shrank. Eventually, Kreator played in Kuala Lumpur on September 25th 2005 - the event sold out, considering Malaysian metalheads had not had an international show since Napalm Death in 2001. Some life came back to Malaysia's metal scene, although things were not flourishing as they had been.

After seven years in shadow, Hayagriva released Jahanamiyun as a single on March 1, 2007, featuring a new lineup: Xamshakty and Solae Dardjun on vocals and bass respectively. The band followed the single by finally releasing their debut album, Red Heaven, featuring twelve new songs and a re-recording of '90s staple "The Wicca Of Hayagriva".

The 15th anniversary of Hayagriva was celebrated with a compilation called Nexus Lunacy (15 Years Of Shadow), under Khakan Productions. The release brings together a number of rare and limited releases, including materials from demos and splits.

After a period of inactivity, Hayagriva reunited with their original demo lineup: Aavimarga on vocals, Mantheravathee on guitars and bass, Venkhateswehra on keyboards, and Nhajasakthee on drums. March 13th 2011 saw the release of the single Emperor Awaits, and a full-length studio album, entitled Descendant XII, on Jan 1st 2012. Both releases published by Khakan Production (Malaysia).