Carnival In Coal - Biography

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Originally, Carnival In Coal signed to and released their debut album through the now-defunct French indie label War On Majors Records. The band then released two albums through another French based independent Metal label, Season of Mist, and later signed a multi-album deal to Earache Records and their Elitist Records sub-label. The only album to come from this deal was 2005's Collection Prestige.

The band played its first live show in April 2006 at the Killer Fest in Chaulnes, France, and then went on to play several dates across Europe, including festivals like Hellfest Summer Open Air in France and Brutal Assault in Czech Republic.

The band officially disbanded in September 2007.

Arno Strobl "reformed" the band under the moniker [b]CinC[/band] to play a string of shows during '14-'15 in homage to the band's music.