The Browning - Biography



Formed in early 2005, The Browning was originally a crunkcore solo project of Jonny McBee, former touring vocalist with As Blood Runs Black. In early 2007 rapper Matt Keck joined, but later on in 2010, left to be a comedian.

Their two EP's saw a change in style as drummer Noah Robertson, guitarist Brian Cravey, and bassist Jesse Glidewell joined. In late 2011, Brian Cravey was replaced with Collin Woroniak, and they released their video for "Bloodlust". The band's debut album, Burn This World, was released in October 2011 on Earache Records.

During early 2012, The Browning toured with Fear Factory in the Noise in the Machine and Shockwave tours. During this time, guitarist Drew Ellis joined the band, making their largest line-up to date. They also toured with Static-X in the Noise Revolution tour. In late 2012, Drew Ellis announced that he's selling his guitar so he can buy a bass instead. On November 16, 2012, it was announced that Noah Robertson and Jesse Glidewell were leaving the band. Soon after, Drew Ellis switched to bass and Cody Stewart joined as their new drummer.

In 2013 the band is preparing a new album. Also Collin left and Drew switched back to guitar, while Jesse returned as bassist.