Centurian - Biography


In the 5 years between 1997 and 2002,
Centurian pioneered the second wave of deathmetal among acts as Angelcorpse and Krisiun. Shows are performed in the U.S. and a considerable part of Europe. Centurian earned a very solid underground reputation because of the distinctive way of songwriting and an undying aggressive approach.

Between 2002 and 2010, songwriter/guitaristRob Oorthuis concentrates on a new band Nox.
Centurian is dead but dreaming at this time.
Nox was an opportunity for Rob to explore other extreme realms musically and to evolve as a guitarist.
Some very successful shows are done with bands as Antaeus, Nifelheim, Destroyer666 and The Devil's Blood. The band receives great reviews but suffers many line up changes. In 2010 Nox is put on ice.

The rebirth of Centurian is celebrated with shows throughout Europe and Brasil in 2011.
A new (third) full-length "Contra Rationem" will be released in winter 2012 on Listenable Records. It will contain the most diverse and dynamic songs until now and proves yet again the weird and wrathful style of Centurian.

Centurian was founded in 1997 by Rob Oorthuis (guitars) and Wim van der Valk (drums).
The intent was to create deathmetal based on memorable riffs, one-foot blastbeats and lyrics that celebrate Choronzon333. Soon, Seth van de Loo (vocals) joined the band. Centurian did a handful of shows as a trio and recorded their classic "Of Purest Fire"- demo.

In 1998 Patrick Boleij (bass) completed the line up. In this same year Centurian signed with Full Moon Productions. The latter officially released the demo as a mini-cd.

"Choronzonic Chaos Gods", the first full-length, was released in 1999. The cover art was made by Rob with his own blood as a means to salute the spirits and to 'charge' the album.

Somewhere in 2000, Seth and Patrick are starting to get more and more successful with their other band Severe Torture.
This results in a split between them and Centurian. While a second full-length is being written, vocalist/bassplayer Jerry Brouwer and guitarist Oskar van Paradijs (both Zi Xul)
are recruited to complete the Centurian line-up again. Also, the band changes recordlabel and signs with Listenable Records. "Liber Zarzax" is released in 2001 and considered one of the best deathmetal records that year.

In december 2001, Rob decides to start another band "Nox" with drummer Bob Dussel. Rob wanted to raise the bar musically and lean more towards the occult lyrically.

Centurian splits up in 2002. Consequently, Rob decides to continue Nox under the name Nox, not Centurian.

Together with Seth (vocals) and Patrick (bass), Nox releases a demo "Zazaz" in 2003. A song that stands out is "Signed in Blood", which contains vocals of Helena Iren Michaelsen. The band signs with Wicked World/Earache Records.

A first full-length "Ixaxaar" was recorded in june 2005, but it was not until feb.2007 that it was released. The album contains the most relentless form of black/deathmetal. Earache records receives a lot of complaints from people thinking the booklet of Ixaxaar is misprinted. (All lyrics were printed backwards.)

Both Seth and Bob leave Nox in 2006.
2008 sees a rejuvenated Nox. Bob is back on drums, a new vocalist is found in Niels Adams (Prostitute Disfigurement), Patrick is kindly replaced by Oskar van Paradijs on bass.

A mini-cd "Blood, Bones and Ritual Death" is released in 2010 on Listenable Records.
Bob leaves Nox again just prior to the release of BBaRD. Seth re-joins Nox to replace Bob (on drums, not on vocals!) Oskar is replaced by Patrick on bass. Now with 3/4 of the old Centurian line-up back together, the sound of the band became very Centurian-esque, yet with more precision and attack. It is decided to change back the bandname.

Currently, the band has recorded a new full-length album entitled "Contra Rationem". The album will be released januari 28th 2013 via Listenable record

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Centurian333/info/?tab=page_info