Weeping Silence plays a blend of gothic/doom metal and has been active in the metal scene since the mid-1990s.

Weeping Silence came together with the release of the debut EP 'Deprived from Romance', which the band followed up with a period of internal change and redirection in style that led to the gothic/doom metal it plays today

Weeping Silence recorded the album 'End of an Era' at Temple Studios in 2003, featuring Rachel Grech on vocals, and released it in 2008 under the Greek Record Label Sleaszy Rider Records. The album was well received across the world.

In the period 2006-2008 Weeping Silence recorded the album 'Theater of Life', which retains many elements of the previous album, but with a faster pace and the introduction of a choir accompanied with grandeur orchestrations. The album was released via Ravenheart Music Records in 2011. At this stage the band was rewarded with good press and several plays on metal radio stations. The track 'Dark Waters' off this album was also voted first in the EKR A-List People's Choice Poll in July 2011.

Over the years WS appeared on-stage at several festivals and concerts, including the XMA, FEM Fest, Malta Doom Metal Fest and others. In addition, in 2010 Weeping Silence played a small UK tour with To-Mera, Liquid Sky and Asomvel, amongst others.

Further to this international exposure, Weeping Silence got featured on a number of compilations including 'Des Filles et des Riffs, Vol.1' (2010) and 'Vol.2' (2011) distributed by Seasons of Mist and featuring Epica and Tristania to mention a few; and The World of Glass Compilation. The band keeps on featuring on compilations periodically.

Weeping Silence entered the studio again in 2011, this time at Spine Splitter Studio, to record 'For the Unsung'. This album, released in deluxe digipack format in 2012, features male backing vocals performed by Joe Grech, and is more aggressive though with a clear doom-orientation. Anders Jacobsson of Draconian also features as guest vocalist on two songs. The album was re-amped, mixed and mastered by master-producer Brett Caldas Lima at Tower Studios and has artwork designed by Darkgrove. 'For the Unsung' propelled the band to new heights following the many positive reviews and it is clear that the move to a doomier and more aggressive style was well received.

The band continues to collaborate with its record label Ravenheart Music Records, and is now also supported by Limelight Productions for booking in Europe.

Towards the end of 2012 Weeping Silence made a change in the vocal line-up. The band and Rachel and Joe Grech parted ways after a decade-long productive collaboration. Diane Camenzuli joined ranks soon afterwards, followed by Dario Pace Taliana earlier this year. The line-up for 2013 and beyond is once again complete. Weeping Silence is writing the new album about which more news will be released in the coming months.

2013 sees Weeping Silence for the first time on Belgian soil playing the Rommelrock Open Air Festival, and the band will be on tour in The Netherlands in August. WS is also confirmed for The Malta Doom Metal Festival this October. Several other live dates will be announced. The band was also nominated for the 'Best Heavy Metal Band award' in the national Music Awards, which is a rare honour for gothic/doom metal in Malta.

Sorce: http://www.weepingsilence.com/band.htm