Winds Of Torment - Biography




Winds Of Torment is a french death metal band created in 2001 by Bertrand (lead and rythm guitars), Jean-Francois (drums), Jerome (lead and rythm guitars), Alban (bass) and Xavier (vocals). Winds Of Torment gives its first concert on March 28th 2003, after two years spent working on original compositions, and keeps on playing live from March 2003 to June 2004 in the whole Rhone-Alpes region and in Switzerland.

In March 2004, Winds Of Torment records its first 4-tracks EP. This autoproduction, entitled "The Cells of the Erased", contains nearly half an hour of music, which could be described as "melodic death-thrash metal", oscillating between very melodic or acoustic parts and more brutal and aggressive ones. The band has no limits as far as creation is concerned, and never disrespects its own broad-mindedness. The members of Winds Of Torment just create their own musical identity in the most professional way.

"The Cells of the Erased" received a very warm welcome from the french metal press (Demo of the month in Metallian magazine and Rock Hard), from international webzines and also from the audience. This allowed the band to give more concerts in France with a lot of established bands such as Benighted, Destinity, Belenos, Killers, etc. It also recently resulted in a selection for the Rock Hard / Mascot records contest and a fifth place for the Wacken Open Air contest organized by Metallian magazine.

The 1st of October 2005, Winds Of Torment wins the Mascot Records contest during a great show at La Locomotive, in Paris. WOT thus gets a deal with Dutch label Mascot Records for the recording of its first album, set to be recorded in september 2006.

10 September 2006 : The band spends 3 weeks at Kohlekeller Studio (Benighted, Crematory...) in Germany, to record it's first full length album, "Delighting in Relentless Ignorance" out APRIL the 13th 2007 on Mascot Records.

In 2007, Winds Of Torment will be on tour and is looking for concerts