Krokmitën - Biography




In the early 90's, inspired by the peak of thrash metal and the early death metal scene, mainman Simlev and a couple of friends formed Krokmitën. They recorded two demos and played gigs in and around the Montreal area. Subsequently, each band member had to deal with their respective life obligations - a lenghty hiatus ensued.

With a fresh start in mind, Simlev rebuilt Krokmitën from the ground up, wrote and recorded Alpha-Beta starting in 2005. The 46-minute track with animation synched to the music was then released in August 2011 with help from original drummer Mathz and newcomer guitarist Dubg. Alpha-Beta created fans worldwide and was very well received by critics of the metal scene.

Mathz parted ways with Krokmitën in late 2012 to pursue other projects, and Lupiaan, a long-time friend of the band, quickly became official drummer. While collaboration with Dubg came to an end, Simlev and Lupiaan slaved over production of the second official album that took over 20 months to create. A 50-minute non-stop piece called Omicron-Omega, saw the light of day in July 2014.

(Source: Facebook, 9.2.2015)