Sarissa - Biography





SARISSA started out at the end of 1985 as an ordinary heavy metal band. This was the beginning of a long way, until we became the most popular cult band, here in Hellas. We recorded our first demo tapes which received positive reviews also outside of the borders of Hellas (German Rock Hard, Shock Power and lots more around the world). This helped us to get a serious name in Hellas (radiostations, zines, concerts) and the interest of Polygram Greece.

1988 was the year of our big move. All the band traveled to Germany to deal a record contract. A Few Months later dealing with some guy from Modern Music, we got close to a deal with Noise. The choice was between us and a soviet band called Cruiz. Having some money and military problems we went back to Hellas. In search for a new singer and a new music style we wasted 2 years for finding the right front man (in the meantime we gave a few concerts with guests in the place of the of the singer) which would follow us to Germany.

1991 with a complete line up we were "ready to kill", we gave some concerts everything seemed right for the next move until more line up problems showed up, this time when the guitarist left.

At the end of 1992, with two new guitarists and a live concert at the Greek Metal Hammer party, we went into the studio to record our new songs.

1993 was the release of our self financed CD. Without playing live and with no distributor at all we managed to sell 2000 copies.

To make a short story long, again after the above mentioned problems we split up in 1995.

At the end of 1999 we got together with the original 1987 line up (except on vocals). The next step was re-releasing our 1987 demo CD with the Hellenic Heavy Metal Magazine "Metal Invader" which sold about 12000 copies. October we supported Fates Warning, December we played live at the Empire Club and March 2000 we appeared as the headliners at the Power Metal Festival (with D. R. Liapakis-Valley's Eve, Mystic Prophecy) in the place of the singer.

After some legal problems with Liapakis record company at 2001, we decided to call our original line up singer (1987), to join the band for a 3 track promo CD which got some interest from a few record labels in Germany.

2002 the same old story, the drummer and a few months later the guitarist left again the band. This brings us to today's new line up which we recorded a 6 track promo demo CD that gave us the record deal with the Hellenic Greek Record label, Black Lotus Rec, at the beginning of 2003. Finally after some military problems of our singer and making our own recording studio, we proudly are ready to present you our new CD entitled "Masters Of Sins". This was released at the 15th of July 2004.

Taken from Sarissa's official web site