Haboryn - Biography

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Band formed in 2004 in the city of Coro (Venezuela) which practices a thrash/death metal with melodic influences, with 5 releases, 3 EP's Infernal Melodies, Programming Death and Route Of Violence and 2 LP's Welcome To The Suffering and At The Edge Of Extinction.

Band has had the opportunity to share the stage with bands like Unbirth, Ancient, Mortificy, Arch Enemy and has made four tours, Welcome To The Suffering tour, Crisis Beginning Of The End, Extinction tour and At The Edge Of Extinction Europe Tour 2012 which toured eight countries of the old continent.

The band in turn has participated in numerous magazines, zines, webzines and interview, radio programs, review or as part of CD compilation.

In 2013 the band will be performing the Route Of Violence Tour Venezuela and enter in the study to record the new album.

(Source: Facebook, 10.2.2015)