X-Panda - Biography




X-Panda is a progressive metal/jazz fusion band from Estonia. The band is known for their concerts full of emotion and power - pure pleasure for people who like to dream, imagine and feel. The music of X-Panda will move both experienced musicians and just music lovers, because it is full of surprises and mood changes, sounds, complex rhythms, rhythmic illusions, jazz fusion chord progressions and passages, heavy or cruel guitar riffs and all that altered with heroic film music theme-like melodies that one can sing along.

X-Panda tries to expand their musical horizon and knowledge by creating technically and musically more entertaining music for themselves in the first place.

The band was founded as a one time project for a song competition in April 2009. Founding members were Kaarel Tamra, Risto Virkhausen, Karl-Juhan Laanesaar and Liis Ring. They ended up winning the competition with a song "Linnukesed Siristavad". The feedback for such unusual music approach was extremely positive, so they decided to continue as a band. In August 2009, Tamar Nugis joined X-Panda, replacing Liis Ring on bass.

X-Panda has won several competitions, including the title at Noortebänd 2010, which is one of the two biggest band competitions held in Estonia.

X-Panda released their debut album Flight of Fancy in September 2011.