Grá - Biography





Grá was formed in 2010 by Heljarmaðr and Dimman. The basic intention of the project was to recreate the same emotional journey as the older generations of black metal bands created. A tribute to the past. What marked the old days was the will to explore and to dig deep into the abyss to find inspiration. Quality over quantity which later changed (much thanks to the digital era).

The background of the members reaches far back, Dimman is the drummer of classic Swedish death/black metal band Spazmosity and Heljarmaðr started out with Diabolic Lust back in '97. After an unwanted absence through the Swedish penal system in the early 00's Heljarmaðr continued with Cursed 13 which Dimman later joined.
Cursed 13 released a split CD with Domgård in 2009, another classic Swedish black metal act with many aces under their sleeves. Heljarmaðr has since then been a member of Domgård and Grim Vindkall of Domgård joined Cursed 13.

While recording demos for the upcoming Cursed 13 album Dimman and Heljarmaðr recorded four songs of a different character which for a while was undecided what to do with. They contacted some labels to see if there was any interest and the response was unexpectedly good. They decided to go with the Greek label SonicDeath Armageddon and the "Helfärd" M-cd was released late 2010. A music video for the song "Klagan och Längtan" was released simultaneously.

Early 2011 Grá became a live band when they recruited R.H. and Airikr for guitar and bass duty. The band also signed a 2 album deal with Swedish label Unexploded Records. Two concerts were made, the first in Uppsala and the second in Gothenburg. Recordings from those two concerts can be found in the "Live" section of this website.

During the recording process of the, self titled, debut album, R.H. was excluded from the setting. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered during the summer/autumn of 2011 at the bands own studio and is now out through Unexploded Records.


A music video (for the song Kraft) was once again made and is available at this website. A third (and probably final for 2011) gig is confirmed at the Forlorn fest in Umeå 3:rd of December. Video clips will be available at this website shortly after the concert.


During 2012 the band will begin writing new material for the second album and most likely do a great deal of live performances.