Dream Weaver - Biography

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Out of the ashes of Infection, George Zacharoglou (guitars) and Jim Marcou (vocals), formed Dream Weaver back in 1992.

Very soon John Basimakopoulos (drums) and Michael Kypreos (bass) joined the band and started rehearsing and playing shows.

With this line-up the band recorded Dream Weaver a 2 song promo-tape in late 1993.

Dream Weaver continued rehearsing and finally their first official demo tape was released in May 1995. Dream Within A Dream demo '95 was highly accepted by fans and press and worldwide spread.

In the year 1999, the band became active again and after some concerts, the first official release was ready.

Just after the recordings of Fantasy Revealed, on October 2000, the bass player Michael Kypreos was replaced by Takis Fytos, who actually took over the backing vocals and gave the band a new potential.

Fantasy Revealed mcd included 5 songs and released under Secret Port Records on February 2001, setting Dream Weaver's name back in business!

With their unique sound, Dream Weaver managed to be characterized as a new force and hope for the underground metal scene.

Next year, 2 new songs were recorded and released on a 7" single called Soulsearching, under a newborn label Eat Metal Records.
The same titled track is the single of the full-length Dream weaver forthcoming album.

In the mid-time the band earned a lot of experience by playing live and giving
explosive gigs, proving that Dream Weaver is a very powerful act on stage.

The last months of 2002 found Dream Weaver in the studio recording their new album. 11 songs were ready. This is the most mature work of the band and the songs
are more complete than ever. The melodies and the characteristic feeling of Dream Weaver is here along with some new elements and fresh ideas.

In June 2003 Words Carved Within album is a fact and released under the label of Secret Port Records. The band expands and raises its standards both musically and technically. The latest Dream Weaver member is Nick "Portnikos" who joined in to replace John "the Animal" Basi who left the band after 13 years. Nick gave the band a new push with his will and his solid drumming. He matched perfectly with bass player Takis Fytos, creating a powerful rhythm section. New material has risen up and the band is about to record by the end of 2007.