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Wormreich - Biography




Wormreich was created in early 2009 by Vulk Obsidiam (Viidron, Anociticus, Sinister Architect, Funeral Warfare) with the sole intention of exploring the concepts of Luciferianism and religious perversion through iconoclastic, atmospheric, experimental black metal.

Soon, he was joined by N. Vathron (Firth Of Damnation, Hecatomb, In Ruins, Viidron, Soul Reclusion), a musician with similar vision and philosophy. This collaboration has now spawned its clarion call, Edictvm DCLXVI, a sonic prayer for Our Lord, whose true name we dare not invoke.

In 2011, drummer Profana (Blood Stained Dusk, Octagon, Apocryph, Ancient (Nor)), keyboardist Mara, and bassist Asura (Blood Stained Dusk) entered the covenant.

This is only the beginning. Expect more, much more...