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Taranis - Biography


Taranis began in 1999 began as a one-man band by Attila Bakos. But shortly after Attila realized that he needed somebody for the raw vocals so that he could develop his clean voice. So it was time for Erik to join the band, his raw voice fit the music very well and he also had a lot of good ideas. The 2 of them recorded and released a demo entitled In Days of Yore in 2000 and made 200 copies. During that same year Attila Bakos composed an entire album's worth of new music but for unknown reasons the music never got recorded and the band split up shortly thereafter.

Attila had never planned to restart or record any of the music he composed shortly before Taranis' demise but through the years Attila felt like something was unfinished and that he could never fully move on from those songs he had composed for Taranis. After many years of feeling unfulfilled with where Taranis was left Attila finally decided to finish, record and release those songs on his own and what came of it was the new Taranis album entitled, Kingdom.

This new album is the fulfillment of what Attila and Erik started over a decade ago with their 2000 EP In Days of Yore and features 4 songs of epic progressive black metal spanning 40 minutes of beautiful, melodic, textured and progressive landscapes that combine elements of symphonic, progressive, black and melodic metals into one cohesive piece of masterful art. This new album was released on January 1, 2012.

Transcribed from information obtained through Atilla Bakos' Official Site