Trials - Biography


TRIALS was formed in 2008 by Mark Sugar (vocals, guitars), Remy Walle (guitars), Usha Rajbandari (bass), and Sasha Horn (drums). They played shows all over the Chicago area for their first years of existence. In 2009, Sasha Horn left the band to focus on his own ambitions and was replaced by Adam Kopecky.

The band released their debut album Witness To The Downfall in 2011; and won the 2011 Metal Storm Award for the Thrash category. In 2012, Remy Walle left the band and was replaced by Ryan Bruchert.

Chicago modern metal powerhouse TRIALS is set to made a triumphant return on May 1st with the release of their sophomore album, In the Shadow of Swords.

Coming off the heels of their 2011 debut, Witness to the Downfall, In the Shadow of Swords sees the band take their blend of melodic death and muscular, technical thrash to the next level. Don't mistake those words for the typical promotional hyperbole either. TRIALS has truly upped the ante where aggression, songwriting and sheer metallic power are concerned.