So Much For Nothing - Biography




The birth of So Much For Nothing dates back to 2007 when Unsgaard wrote some songs, even though the project's name wasn't decided until 2010. However, an album was recorded 2009-2010 with help from drummer Uruz. He later decided to join the solo project as a permanent drummer, and now made it a duo.

So Much For Nothing's debut came in form of a 7" split with Angst Skvadron in 2011 and was followed up with their debut album Livsgnist in January 2012. The album was highly acclaimed by the press, much because of it's originality, blending so called black metal with more pop orientated song structures in a rock influenced manner. Instruments as saxophone, trumpet, cello and violin were provided by several guest musicians and also made an impact on Livsgnist's original sound.

Inspired by general dissatisfaction over the years, So Much For Nothing serves you the finest tunes of dark and destructive metal-pop/rock.

(Source: Facebook, 19.2.2015)