Blazing War Machine - Biography

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Logo by Franky Costanza



The history of Blazing War Machine started in June 2005 with Franky Costanza (Dagoba's drummer) and Phil (Unhealthy Dreams' keyboardist), they decided to combine their influences (power and black metal) and mix the best elements of these two different metal genres in order to create a new sound. A mix between Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Fear Factory. Strapping Young Lad and some other touches of heavy metal and indus with a modern sound.

The result is a genre that they call Synthetic Power Black Metal.

They teamed up with Izakar from Dagoba (guitars), and after line up changes they completed the band with Typhus (vocals), Strychnine (bass), and Fab (guitars).

Early 2006, they began to play live with bands like Gojira, Destinity, Benighted, The Old Dead Tree, Eths and they recorded their first live demo called "Haunted Memories" (DVD/CD) in January 2007. In order to offer a real live show, the band developped a visual concept inspired by characters with morbid craziness close to their decadent and frenzied music.

In the first 2008, Blazing War Machine did more and more concerts and, as a concecration, they had the chanc to play at Hellfest.

They realeased their first album in 2011.