Embassy Of Silence - Biography





Embassy Of Silence is a Finnish band on a purposeful mission to create beautiful metal/rock music that makes positive chills run down the spines of the listeners. Catchy melodies filled with grandeur, as well as experimentation are key elements in this musical project. Acoustic guitars also play an important role in the music of EOS.

Ines Lukkanen was a guest female vocalist on the 2007 album of Tero Kalliomäki's band, Saattue, and during the recordings, an idea of an emotional, atmosphere-filled rock/metal project was born. The duo immediately began composing and writing songs, and in the beginning of the 2008, released Wendigo Winter promotional CD, which included the songs "Lilith Aether", "Passion And Savagery" and "Void". The promo got extremely good feedback, and a couple of Finnish national radio stations played some of the songs featured on it.

EOS entered the studio again in 2008, this time with full lineup including Mikael Ahlsten on drums and Samu Lahtinen on bass, and recorded 4 more songs to be included on the Pristine EP. This CD reflected the heavier, faster and perhaps even darker side of the band's music. Harri Lampinen also joined EOS to play the rhythm guitars, which meant that all of the new members were borrowed from Saattue. Soon enough the band acquired a keyboard player by coincidence, through a double-gig with Dotma, in which Harri Koskela was the main orchestrator.

In 2009 Embassy of Silence recorded Euphorialight, the opus magnum of the band. It was a self-financed, carefully crafted collection of 11 songs, of which 8 were composed solely for this full-length album. It intended to show the broad variety of sounds and styles Embassy Of Silence was capable of entertaining its listeners with - from morbid to cheerful, from demure to twisted, and from ravishingly beautiful to wild and unhinged. It was recorded at the Finnish D-Studio, with Jarno Hänninen, as were the previous recordings. 2009 was also the year of major lineup changes, as the drummer Mikael was replaced by groove master, Jaakko Hauru, and at the end of the year, Harri also left the the band because he had no time for two bands anymore.

Euphorialight was mastered at Sweden's Cutting Room, in Stockholm in the fall of 2009 by Björn Engelmann, which gave the recording its final touches. It was hardly even out of the press and sent to different lables with the promotional video "Into The Euphorialight", when Johnny Hagel from Bonnier Amigo Music Group surprisingly contacted the band via email. He had heard Embassy Of Silence on MySpace, and told them BAMG was going to start a sub-label, concentrating on metal and rock, and offering a deal. Fortunately the music/promotion multi-talent Matti Remes was already on board in the role of a manager, and he negotiated a contract that pleased both parties.

After Harri Lampinen left EOS at the end of 2009, the orchestra battled with a guitar-player dilemma far into February, going through several auditioning guitarists, no one quite fitting the bill. This was only until Tero took the topic up with a former bandmember from Ultramayhem, Jarno Suodenjoki. His other ensemble, Kiana, was taking fire, which was not considered to be a problem, but by fitting together the schedules of the two bands, everyone was sure to keep both groups happy.

Now, with all needed members in the game, Embassy Of Silence is waiting for the future under the wings of the Supernova label very optimistically.