Witchbreed - Biography

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Witchbreed was born in 2006 through the hands of Ares (bass) and Dikk (guitar). After looking for a vocalist, Ruby proved through her voice and character that she was destined to become the main element for Witchbreed's future path.

The band added Filipe Sousa (guitar) and Tiago "Hollow" Lopes (drums) to their line-up and Witchbreed became ready to present a complete live show of seductive and fierce aggressiveness. The whole of 2007 was spent playing live and as opening acts for bands like Samael in some of the biggest summer fests in Portugal.

Witchbreed's live show took critics and audiences by surprise due to their dark energy, furious performance and the astonishing vocals of Ruby. Such performances have established Witchbreed as a genuine and unexpected groundbreaking band in the current Metal scene.

Before the end of the year the band was in the studio again to record two songs: Rebel Blood and Brotherhood of Fang & Claw, released as a streaming promo only. It took just a couple of hours until Ascendance Records came into play and was impressed enough to offer the band a record deal.

With the support of Ascendance the band was officially committed to recording their debut album which was produced by Waldemar Sorychta (Moonspell, Tiamat, Samael, Lacuna Coil...) to aid and improve the already inspiring writing process. From pre-production to master took 12 months and the album was finally completed in February 2009.

"Heretic Rapture" is one of the heaviest and darkest Metal records ever recorded with female vocals. Witchbreed display a musical dimension of blackened guitar riffs and progressive song structures, underlined by subtle, cinematic keyboards and dramatic, haunting vocals.

The combination of fiercely aggressive song verses with memorable epic choruses make the musical journey through "Heretic Rapture" a mesmerizing experience, concentrating on the dilemmas of existence and the mysteries of human behavior.

"Heretic Rapture" is a solitary scream against the hypocrisy of disbelief and evokes the spirit of resistance in a world now devoid of sense.