Fenrir - Biography

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Fenrir was created in 2006 when Sylvère (lead guitar) and Quentin (drums) met. Soon Emily (guitar) and Lucas (viola) joined the band, and in october 2006, with the help of Sophie (voice) and Pauline (bass guitar), the band was completed and ready to play gigs!

The first gig was in december 2006, and in the same time Fenrir recorded its first demo. Then the band played in half a dozen gigs in order to get some experience.

In summer 2007, there were changes in the air. Emily and Sophie left, for different reasons. Elsa (voice & violin) and Fabien (guitar) came, and worked hard to be ready as soon as they could. In october 2007, Fenrir's first EP, Whispers Of The Old World is recorded in PatchWork Studio, Mondragon (France). Then Fenrir played in a lot of gigs, with australian band Bug Girl, in Emergenza Festival, playing in Chez Paulette and more.

2008, new departures happened. Pauline and Lucas left the band. New members came, Matthieu (viola) and Martin (bass guitar). Then summer time became work time, to be ready for more gigs, more festivals, more everything than ever!

Fenrir's metal is at the same time heavy and aerial. Using Zaelle's soprano voice with power guitars in an Iron Maiden's style, mixed with a celtic tone given by the violin, it creates something new, at the same time powerful and onirical.