Illuminata - Biography





Out from the depths of different musical backgrounds and histories merged together, arose in 2006 a project of two Austrian musicians. Founded by Luki (bass) and Dave (drums) this band, soon known as Illuminata, set out, not only to play but to play from their very heart.

A number of ambitious musicians from the band's birthplace Graz joined and left during the early stages until in March of 2007 the line-up was eventually completed by singer and flutist Katarzyna and the sextet established with their first EP Lachrymal what Illuminata has been about ever since: complex yet catchy keyboards, heavy guitars, thundering and progressive drums, inventive bass-lines and two beautiful female voices joined together in perfect harmony.

In the aftermath of the record the band's rapid growth in musical skill, resources and ambition again made changes in the line-up inevitable. A new keyboarder (Sabrina) as well as a new bassist (Christoph) and a new voice (Joanna) completed the band once more while Luki discovered his true destiny, the guitar.

At last the band started to record their first full length album From The Chalice Of Dreams which was released in 2008 and exceeded his predecessor in songwriting, performance and orchestral power.

After the record was released, Joanna left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by soprano Lisa.

In summer 2009 the band released their latest EP A Frame Of Beauty as the mature and refined result of years of personal and musical progress.

The band played some successful concerts in the summer of 2010 including shows on Metalcamp's Newcomer Stage and the Rock The Lake Festival in Carinthia. Unfortunately Lisa and Dave left the band a few months later after various differences.

They were replaced by their new (old) singer Joanna and Tom from Darkfall on drums.

The latest album A World So Cold was released in November 2011 and was very well received by fans and press alike.

In January 2012, Joanna announced her definite departure from Illuminata.

Now, with Illuminata's newest release Where Stories Unfold, their unique and refined style is even more dominated by a strong presence of orchestral elements. The album is heavily influenced by recent 'larger than life' blockbusters movies and combines two of the most powerful genres, Heavy Metal and Film Music. Finally, the band's cooperation with the prestigious, 60-piece Czech Film Orchestra and the overall top-notch production culminates in a one of the most vibrant, emotional and innovative releases in the genre to date. Welcome to Hollywood!