Whispering Tales - Biography

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The Whispering Tales music project was born in 2006 under Nevery name, out of an impulse from steph Castelli (bass), but struggles to stabilize a line-up.

In early 2010, the band members decided to make their first album. With lucie Vételé (vocals), Jeremie Chabod (gui-tar) and remi ruffe (guitar), the recordings begin during the spring.
In august of that year, Bruno stagliano joins the band as a drummer, accompanied by stephanie Fenu on keyboard.

The line-up is completed. The band prepares a set-list of a dozen compositions and defends them on the scenes, on concerts or festivals, from Marseille to Monaco, nice, avignon to Toulon, Lyon and st Etienne.

Alongside the live performances, the development of the album pushes on, a true concept album, consisting of nine songs connected by interludes of music and accompanied by an original short story (free downloadable ebook on our website). Echoes of Perversion hits the shelves on november 2011. its digipack edition is actually available on BrennUsMUsiC.

On the first half of 2012, Whispering Talestakes the road for six dates to introduce eChoes oFperVersionto the public.

In june, remi leaves the band for professional reasons. Whispering Tales decides to continue the adventure with only one guitarist. and as the river of creativity never stops, the band spends the summer to record a three song's ep called aD aBolenDaM. This mini concept album about the inquisition is available since the 10th of november 2012. Besides this production, an ambitious second album is in preparation for the late of 2013.