Öxxö Xööx - Biography




Fascinated by parallel worlds, the first concerts of Öxxö Xööx's original line-up were interpreted by two "extraterrestrials". After an evolution of the concept and awareness to earthly suffering - be it human, animal, or plant - this project was a way of finding the reason to live up to its truth and provide expression within this damaged life in the depths of being. After several years of research, a singular vision of art, and the invention of a language containing about more and less four hundred words has been conducted. The first LP Rëvëürt means "revolt of the heart" (a mixture of the french word "révolte" and the English word heart). Öxxö Xööx means 69. It represents duality, the balance between the opposing forces of the universe, the eternal recurrence, and the creation of being. It is the will to reconnect with the great spirit of life within us while being profoundly anti-religious. We are very sensible to the cause of animals and their ecology. It is Avantgarde Doom, with grand organs, harpsichords, string ensembles, opera, with Metal and Electronic music, led and being fulfilled by the singing of Laurent Lunoir and Laure Le Prunenec. On stage, we have costumes with bright stones, with sculptures and animated sequences synchronized to our music. We try to dramatize our inner truths, and our true personalities, through the visual and the telluric, to know and to neglect hiding behind masks or playing behind roles. Art is magic and provokes something indescribable in man. Music is therapy for us and a cure above all.
All of this is to develop our seed. We believe there are as many methods of elevation (and rebellion) that individual. To you, to take care of your seed, to develop it, and for it to become a tree. We love you with all of our heart...