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Naamah - Biography



The band was founded in 1996 by Adam Kaliszewski and Michal Owczarczyk. They've chosen 'Melankolia' for the name. In 1998, after many line-up changes (band's co-founder Michal has left) the band's name also has changed. New one was Naamah. Using new sign-board, in 1999 the band recorded first demo-CD called 'Magia'. It contained intro and four tracks of atmospheric doom/gothic metal.

After recordings, guitarist Marcin Smolen has left the band and Mikolaj Szalkowski took his place. Two months later Krzysztof Szalkowski, Mikolaj's brother, joined the band as keyboard player. In June 2000, new backing vocalist and violinist, Marta Frakstein joined. In this modified line-up band recorded first full time album, simply called 'Naamah'. At the end of the year Tomasz Grochowski has left Naamah. Krzysztof Szalkowski took his place behind the drums.

In 2002, with a new member Adam Szewczyk (keyboards), Naamah recorded second album 'Ultima'. Just before recordings Marta Frakstein decided to leave the band and appeared on the album as a guest. The band signed a deal with Metal Mind Productions, so 'Ultima' hit the stores in January 2003 and was the first Naamah's official release. During summer Naamah played a tour with well known band The Gathering on polish part of their european 'Souvenirs Tour'.

In february 2004 Naamah begun a recording session of the third album in 'Serakos Studio'. At the end of March, 'Resenement' was ready to release and hit the stores on 19th of April. The music on this album can by decribed as atmospheric, progressive rock/metal with large amount of feelings and technical surprises. Interesting, emotional, well played and recorded. 'Resenement' received some brilliant press coverage all over the world.

March 2005 was a turn in band's history. Second Naamah's co-founder Adam Kaliszewski decided to left the band, because of musical differences between him and the rest of Naamah's members. After this event band's activity was suspended for a year. Ultimately, after many discussions, remaining members decided that Mikolaj will be the only guitarist and Naamah will be a 5-person band.

At present, Naamah is preparing some new material for the next album.