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The Machine - Biography

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The Machine is a three-piece rock band from the Rotterdam area, The Netherlands. The music can be described as psychedelic rock with a modern take on old and slightly less older influences, combining several elements of rock 'n roll history. Let's just call it rock. The members of the band are David Eering (guitar/vocals), Davy Boogaard (drums) and Hans van Heemst (bass).

Since they formed in 2007, the band released four albums uptill now. With the latest record, Calmer Than You Are (Elektrohasch Records, 2012), The Machine opted for a more direct and punching approach to songwriting while staying true to their own style. This resulted in less jams and more rawness.

The Machine played at some amazing occasions - among them are Stoned From The Underground (2010), Roadburn Festival (2010 & 2011), Burg Herzberg Festival (2011), Up In Smoke European Tour (2011) and the fantastic DunaJam (2012).

Just go and see the band live.

The Machine, hailing from Rotterdam, Holland, pair molten stoner rock riffs with a fair dose of retro psych for good measure. The band also excels at incorporating acid-blues jamming that lifts their whole performance into outer space. The band's latest album, Drie (out on Elektrohasch) captures the band in great form. Roadburn Festival, 2011